Responsible Consumption Practices for first timers


There are a number of ways to consume cannabis. Cannabis is most commonly smoked, eaten or applied to the body. Smoking yields near instant intoxication which is what makes this the most common method of consumption, while eating edibles take hours to fully metabolize. Topical CBD/THC solutions can be used to address pain and inflammation in joints or muscle tissues due to age or injuries but aren’t typically psychoactive, even if they do contain THC. Honey Forms molds shatter and wax concentrate into uniform, easy to break pieces so you get constant size dabs enabling you to estimate how much active ingredients are in each serving. This quantification is extremely useful in isolating your subjective therapeutic window or how much is too much or too little for you to achieve what you want to achieve. It is up to you to determine if your lifestyle can be enhanced by smoking, applying, eating or drinking cannabis based on your needs, behaviors and ailments.

Determining how cannabis can effect your life and how to make to the most of it takes self experimentation, time and a little research. When trying something new, start with a small amount and consume it slowly. Even experienced users can take too much and get caught off guard by the potency of extracts or edibles, leading to adverse effects. The different ways of utilizing cannabis have their own unique value, Tell your Doctor or bud tender about what you’re trying to achieve and ask for their recommendations on what product is right for you.

Whether you’re using cannabis medicinally or recreationally, it is important to be educated about what you’re taking and how to take it properly. Ask your Doctor or budtender for advise on serving sizes, and if they carry tools or utensils needed to consume what you’re interested in. The following paragraphs are a guide on how to responsibly discover your subjective therapeutic window though common consumption methods. I’ve made this guide from reflecting on my own consumption habits and anecdotal feedback I received from the guests who frequented the dispensary I worked at.



Conduct your experimentation legally, in a controlled and comfortable environment, preferably with your favorite people.

inspired by the works of- Dr. Uwe Blesching, The Cannabis Health Index



Visit your local dispensary and ask the budtender if they carry Honey Forms. Vaping concentrates from a pen will spread the dose over many hits, while smoking out of a rig will vaporize the serving all at once. When consuming concentrates, temperature is an important variable to keep in mind. Low heat will preserve the terpenes and make for a more flavorful experience, but wont produce a lot of vapor. Higher heat will vaporize more material at once and yield more potent effects but diminish the flavor. Finding a nice spot in the middle that produces a smooth, satisfying hit that tastes great will also take some experimentation and will vary depending on the type of extraction and utensil you use. When dabbing, I highly recommend using a eNail so you know exactly what temperature your nail is holding at. This ensures you don’t over heat the concentrate, preserving the precious terpenes and cannabinoids so you can fully experience the effects. You can then adjust the holding temperature up or down depending on your observations.



  1. Load one serving of Honey Forms into the atomizer

  2. Connect atomizer to battery and power it on

  3. Start with a short inhale while holding down the button (if present)

  4. Take a short “Sip” (like you’re sucking through a couple of cocktail straws)

  5. Filling the mouth with vapor, then gently inhale into the lungs and exhale fully

  6. Wait 5 - 10 minutes to observe your reactions

  7. Repeat process until satisfied



  1. Turn on the eNail

  2. Set the holding temperature of the eNail between at least 420° (extremely low, high terpenes, low cannabinoid vapors) to 700° (flash vaporize all material, low terpene) adjust to suit your taste and type of extract
    or -

  1. Heat up banger Torch until red hot, and let cool for 5 - 10 seconds

  2. Using your preferred dab tool, pick up or scoop the concentrate

  3. Gently place into the nail or banger and cover with carb cap

  4. Start with a short inhale

  5. Take a shallow, gentle inhale directly into the lungs and exhale fully

  6. Repeat until the concentrate is completely vaporized

  7. Wait 5 - 10 minutes to observe your reactions

  8. If you desire more, repeat until satisfied

  9. The next time you dab, consume a similar accumulative amount to achieve the same effects



Visit your local dispensary and ask the budtender for their favorite vape cartridge and make sure it is compatible with your battery. A rechargeable battery with universal 510 threading and variable settings is most cost effective. Proprietary cartridge battery set ups are optimized to work together and are typically more luxurious, but also have fewer options, and can’t be found in every store. Most variable voltage batteries only have low medium and high settings, refer to manufacturer specs to determine what those temperatures are and how to change them. Set to “Low,” then work your way up to “High” to see what you enjoy. Hotter temps will combust more material, decreasing the longevity of the cartridge.



  1. Connect cartridge to battery and power it on

  2. Make sure the cartridge is not defective

    (For example; leaking (loose seals) or clogged (flooded atomizer). Keep Packaging until you know the cartridge is functioning properly.)

  3. Start with a short inhale

  4. Take a short “sip” like you’re sucking through a couple of cocktail straws, filling the mouth with vapor, gently inhale into the lungs and exhale fully

  5. Wait 5 - 10 minutes to observe your reactions

  6. If you desire more, repeat until satisfied

  7. The next time you vape, consume a similar accumulative amount to achieve the same effects



Visit your local dispensary and pick the strain of flower that has a desirable cannabinoid and terpene profile. “The Nose Knows” the smell is like the plants way of saying “hello” and if it’s calling to you, give it a try. Note the differences between Indica and Sativa phenotypes like smell, color and bud formation so you can later identify what qualities brought the results you are looking for.



  1. Try using a one hitter or small chillum since it is a great way to limit the amount of cannabis smoked at once

  2. Grind the flower into coarse flakes and lightly pack into your utensil

  3. Safely combust the flower while inhaling gently from the other side of the piece

  4. After a short inhale, fully exhale, theres not need to hold in the smoke for longer than a usual breath

  5. Wait 5 - 10 minutes to observe your reactions

  6. If you’re having a suboptimal experience, take another hit if desired and wait another 5 - 10 minutes or stop if you begin having adverse reactions

  7. Repeat until satisfied



Visit your local dispensary and ask about their favorite choice or if they have one that fits your dietary needs. Most of your favorite munchies have an infused equivalent whether it is a chocolate, gummy, baked good, or hard candy. Over the counter Recreational Edibles can vary in strength from 2.5mg - 10mg per serving while Medicinal Doses can exceed 100mg and need a Medical License to purchase. It is important to be patient and allow the cannabis to metabolize fully. It is hard enough to have just one piece of regular candy, let alone delicious candy that can potentially give you the munchies. We recommend keeping your edibles out of sight, out of mind, and away from children after eating your dose and otherwise snack on other, non-medicated foods is recommended to avoid over consumption of infused edibles.



  1. Start with a single, low dose serving, and wait up to 2 hours

  2. 2.5mg - 5mg is usually effective for first time or light/sporadic users, while 10mg is a good starting point for regular users, however this is highly subjective

  3. If you’re having a suboptimal experience, take another serving if desired and wait another 2 hours

  4. Track the accumulated number of servings you took and start with that total amount next time you want to consume your favorite edible